Paul has been designing and managing marketing campaigns since 2000. The custom CRMs he developed early on evolved to include functions designed to facilitate everyday operations management. Every online system poliARC creates for a client is uniquely designed to be streamlined for their operations; streamlined and purpose-driven.

poliARC’s primary focus in marketing is to create campaigns for small to medium sized businesses who need to refine their processes and get the most out of their marketing dollar – from ad click to closing the deal. We assess what you need, design your campaigns, and create the marketing materials. poliARC can be your marketing manager, coordinator, media producer, and web site developer all in one package.

Managed solutions can span numerous channels depending on your goals. Above all else, we want to remove the mystery of the process and teach you how it all works so that you can successfully expand your business.

Marketing management and support services include:

  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Social media marketing (SMM)
  • CRM design (custom, web-based systems)
  • Education marketing & consulting
  • Website design & monthly maintenance
  • Custom landing pages and lead capture forms
  • SEO
  • Email marketing
  • Ad buying
  • Streamlining campaigns

Why outsource with poliARC?

  • Adds Expertise: poliARC has years experience in marketing and media production, which adds senior-level management and creative expertise to your team.
  • Saves Time: Working with a consultant allows you to focus on your own business operations, while simultaneously creating a project-based and deadline oriented member to your team.
  • Gets Outside The Box: poliARC can bring a new perspective to your efforts.
  • Saves Money: When compared to having qualified people on staff, outsourcing is a less expensive operational choice for your business.