Do Subtle, Subliminal Messages Work in Marketing?

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The short answer: yes. But it's an excellent idea to first discus what's understood as "subliminal" messages in relation to everyday marketing. There are a lot of paranoid articles out there about subliminal messages "in the media" [...]

How To Start A Trade School

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To successfully start a trade school you need to spend almost as much time learning about the education industry as you do your trade.  Teaching is only about 35% of your school's daily operations, and the [...]

How To Advertise Online

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Advertising your business online is easy. Getting results, however, is an entirely different challenge. Before you spend money advertising online you should spend time learning and thinking about the mindset of your prospective customers. The biggest [...]

How To Know If Your Marketing Campaigns Are Working

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The question I most often get asked is: "How do I know if my marketing is working?" Thankfully, it's not as hard as you might think, but it does take some planning. There are a few different [...]

Measuring Marketing Success: Improve Lead Quality

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I'm not sure which is more terrifying: a bored salesperson, or one who is frustrated by a day of contacting a string of bad leads. But what can you do about it? Bad leads are part of [...]

How To Advertise A Vocational School Online

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People who know me don't hesitate to smirk at my "where's the beef" attitude about advertising. In short, if a marketing campaign can't prove how it directly get you leads, don't bother. This is particularly true for [...]

Fake Facebook Likes and User Saturation

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For a few years I've steered clients away from spending too much money on Facebook ads; especially education clients who have a price point that is far too high for the casual nature of social media. [...]

The Importance of Rhythm

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In marketing, rhythm is everything. It defines how and when you launch a product; how you advertise it and when you schedule events. Rhythm drives how you edit commercials for radio, television, and online. Rhythm has [...]

Wasted Marketing Money: Don’t Advertise Just To Feel Good

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People panic. That's what we do. It's part of our DNA, otherwise we would not have survived as a species. That's also why we use consultants: people who are outside of the emotion and consequences of a [...]

Politics 101: Exploit Irony and Define the Debate

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Image From: I recently helped with strategy and structure for a small political project. It has a fairly common, often underperforming, yet very much needed goal: reveal the wacky in politics for what [...]

Crafting Your Marketing Message: Two Tiers

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We can learn a lot about marketing messages from books and from politics – especially book titles about politics. Most marketing messages for selling books about politics have taken the same path lately: a short, 2 [...]

SLO County Re-Elects Adam Hill

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San Luis Obispo County, 11:09pm with 100% of precincts reporting, Supervisor Adam Hill has won his re-election bid for County Supervisor by 18 points.   It was an interesting campaign, not without its share of small [...]

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